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The Fox Broadcasting Company and stylized in all caps as FOX is an American commercial broadcast over-the-air television network that is a flagship property of the Fox Corporation. The network is headquartered at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City, with additional offices at the Fox Broadcasting Center (also in New York) and at the Fox Television Center in Los Angeles.

A former avid Editor from Fox assures in a review he wrote for INDEED that if you work for them (Fox) you will be very unhappy, he added: "Fox television is a very coercive, manipulative company. They will make you feel guilty about living your life in any way outside the company. If you do not sacrifice your personal life completely for this company, they will make it very, very difficult for you. So difficult, that you will lose sleep every night of your life. So difficult, that you will have nightmares."


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Former Employee - Software QA Lead says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time for more than a year Cons: Dealing wit extreme red tape"

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time Cons: No work life balance, low level director very nervous paranoid . Like working at a fast food restaurant, Mico manager"

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time Cons: Tons of red tape to do anything. Also lack of sharing around priorities, visions and goals, especially on the Operations side. Good people on some teams but stay away from working with the Fox news team. Have never worked with a team so full of themselves, especially within upper management. Smart people but complete lack of empathy and understanding of what collaboration means. Lots of backstabbing, lackluster of communication and a good old boys club."

Former Employee - Systems Analyst/Applications Developer says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time Cons: - Nepotism is by far the biggest issue. Directors will hire their personal friends that are not qualified for jobs where they have no technology experience and advocate for their work with no regard to the team that actually does the work. - Management is out of touch, often only focused on the deliverables and not what’s happening at the ground level - Pay is not competitive and only individuals that are aggressively in managements face are recognized."

Current Employee - Marketing Manager says

"I have been working at Fox Corporation full-time Cons: very hierarchical, unnecessary extra layers of mangers"

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"I have been working at Fox Corporation full-time for more than a year Cons: Not that much room to grow"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time Cons: Low pay expected to be on call 24/7 minimal career direction or advancement"

Current Employee - Senior Manager Technology says

"I have been working at Fox Corporation full-time Cons: Pay is not as competitive as others, very corporate"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor leadership. Unfair amount of workload."

Former Employee - Director, Digital says

"I worked at Fox Corporation full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Resistant to change, career growth moved slowly, antiquated leadership"

Deskside Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

Engineering Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good old boys. Look out, you’ll be next. The culture is the most toxic place that I have ever worked. Ask anyone within or former employees and they will tell you. Steer clear!"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work at. They pile work on you and expect you to do it in a matter of seconds. Everything is always urgent. The office space is poorly maintained. Managers and AE reps are rude and entitled. They dangle a carrot over you mentioning promotions but never follow suit. Cannot survive on yearly pay that isn’t salary it’s per hour! Cons: Everything, full waste of my time, went to serve depression working there"

Executive Secretary for Vice President & CEO (Former Employee) says

"have not worked there in years not sure if they are still in business. While I worked there it was a pleasant place to work and I enjoyed it. Can't tell you anymore"

Linux System Engineer, Digital Newsroom Support (Former Employee) says

"Fox News, like any media organization changes rapidly. They also do not care much that you put all your time into your work, they can still lay off any time they feel like. To them time and work does not matter. They underpay Cons: Low salaries, horrible work hours."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"I worked at fox news edge for 10 years. the management was horrible, vindictive and highly under trained for the positions they served. not newspeople, not a great place for a news career. avoid! Cons: terrible management"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Long hours with no compensation. Not a positive environment. Everyone looking over their shoulders waiting for the ax to fall. Glad to be out."

Administrative (Former Employee) says

"Its a job to go to and learn. It has good benefits, bad really bad hours, and a very high turn over rate. Be prepared to work over night its a 24 hour job."

Associate Producer (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately the management does not have a high regard for the wellbeing of its employees. It is an interesting and educational place to work however."

Sports Highlights Editor (Current Employee) says

"They slowly stop giving people hours for no reason. The management is anti-military. They released me while I was away on military orders."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The culture is distant. 21CF lacks inclusion programs for all employees. Management does not invest in your future. Long hours and employees are overworked and underpaid."

Formats Administrator / Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Fox treats its employees like expendable parts easily replaced and create a climate where you work in fear for any mistake or any expression of yourself or creativity will get you fired. You literally walk the halls worried who might see you being yourself. Cons: Climate, Executives, Human Resources"

Formats Administrator / Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The company makes certain you are aware that you are just a number and replaceable at any given moment. Cons: Executives, Hr, Overall climate of the company"

Producer (Former Employee) says

"Poor Compensation and Little room for Advancement. Poor management. Over worked without over time pay. Stingy about promotions but would encourage employees to go above and beyond."

College basketball writer (Former Employee) says

"As a freelance writer, I had certain specific assignments. The job arose after working for It was not a critical job. It paid well, in comparison to others, There was little supervision."

Executive Producer (Former Employee) says

"12 hour work days. Worked with talented, dedicated people."

Producer (Current Employee) says

"If you're a fan of micro-management, untrustworthy colleagues and unethical behavior, this is the place for you! Feel like doing anything besides taking direct orders and having an opinion about what you do every single workday in a field that you have worked in for over a decade? Good luck with that. Check the boxes and don't ask questions. That's the Fox way! Seriously though, there are some serious questions about meritocracy and managerial decisions here. Also, Fox News doesn't care about developing talent, they just poach talent and the rest is a sweatshop. If you have worked in media more than two or three years, be very choosy and careful about getting a job here."

Robotic Camera Operator (Former Employee) says

"Among the worst places in the tv industry. Micro management was absolutely brutal. Some of the most insecure people you will ever have the misfortune to be around. ADIOS!"

Account Executive/Outside Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you require no work/life balance this job would work for you. As an account executive, you work stressful full days and are required to work evenings and weekends 52 weeks a year. You must not only attend and host games in Miami frequently, but you are required to travel to Tampa and Orlando weekly to host games. This is usually after putting in a full day of sales meetings, training and sales calls. Also, the environment is very political. Management favors male salespeople."

Account Executive/Outside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Management team extremely weak- on both the LSM and GSM levels. LSM motivates by fear and is a total bully - especially to female account executives. GSM is not any better. Worst sales culture I’ve ever been a part of."



sheri rowden says

"I'm out,no more fox for me,"

Gayle Herbert says

"Fox you lost me last night! You were no different than any of the other news stations. I hope Tucker and Laura leave, they are the only good reporters! Sad your projection theories were horrible and so basis."

Janet VanDyke says

"They were real nice at pick up , than charged 100.00 over the price that was on my email, NEVER AGAIN"

Alison says

"I booked an economy car for Numerous reasons however the biggest reason being because I was going to be doing a bit of driving and wanted some thing gas friendly. Upon arrival they were going to give me a mini SUV. I said that I booked an economy car and that’s what I was expecting to drive and that if I knew that I was going to be given a mini SUV then I would’ve booked elsewhere. I asked them if they had any additional cars. They said this is the only thing that they had, and if I wanted an economy car I would have to wait about four hours for one. Mind you this was The time I had booked a car, not before and not after. After deciding to move forward with the mini SUV, upon getting into the car it’s not like I kid you not, a Vegas casino!!! It smells so horribly of cigars and cigarettes that literally opening the doors was like getting smacked in the face. And this is the only option I had otherwise I was gonna have to wait hours for another car. So essentially I had to take it. It’s not so badly that after leaving my sweater in the car for just two days I had to wash it at my family‘s house because it smelled like a Vegas casino. I will never be renting with Fox again!"

Angela Charlie says

"If I could give it a zero, I would. But it has family guy, so fine. I do not like racists and never will."

Sebastian says

"Fox has contributed to the awful state of america today. they constantly lie and post retercic amazing the american people look like animals who need to be tamed by our government. This is a hate group."

YaGirl T says

"Completely biased information"

Emily-Jane Dawkins says

"Fox news are full of bigots and racists. Stop making Trump out the be amazing, he's not. Stop making POC out to be dangerous, they are not. It's not a cute look fox."

D says

"Company sided with bigoted, racist comments made by their host Nick Cannon towards a certain group of people"

Consumer says

"I was enjoying LEGO masters but why can’t they build famous churches or bridges or anything real instead of these stupid good versus evil monsters. This show misses a great opportunity to show the true skills of LEGO masters. I’m sick of it"

David McPond says

"Why does any network have to bully to entertain? Looking at the shows on fox in the past year, many of them have been taking the low road and bashing people and other networks rather than shining a spotlight on the good shows they have. I find it difficult to encourage my children to be positive when networks allow bullying on tv. I am not talking about the news. I'm taking about prime time television. What happened to promoting good television? Instead they bully Trump and Hillary on every show they have. People are turning you off. We the people have had enough."

Matilde Federico Herrera says

"customer service is 0 always have 10 calls never return calls, the car left me failing I lost a whole day of my vacation to solve the change to a new car now they charged almost triple the value,It is the worst in car rental Muy mala experiencia perdi casi un dia de vacaciones llevo varios dias tratando de hablar con Fox para pedirle la explicacion del aumento acordado imposible tener contacto con esta agencia ni por escrito ni telefonicamente nos hemos quedado horas en espera ponemos el tel para que retornen la llamada cuando estubimos varados nadie nos ayudo nos trataron mal como si fuera nuestra culpa solo una nina nos ayudo a conseguir un carro nuevo al ver la persona tan grosera que nos estaba atendiendo"

Tara Neville says

"commercial was too much but over all ok."

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